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Hot Springs

The public baths (men’s and women’s) get their water from a natural hot spring on our own premises. Named “Ryunosu Onsen,” or “Dragon’s Nest Hot Spring,” this spring became active in March of 2009. The hot spring is a gift from a nature, capable of stilling your mind, soothing your body, and resting your heart.

uneri bath

Our spa is open 24 hours a day and collects all of its water from our own spring, Ryunosu Onsen, or “Dragon’s Nest Hot Spring.” From the bath you can watch the ocean as it flows through all its moods, allowing your body to fuse with the rhythms of the Earth .... In April of 2015, we remodeled the open air hot spa. It was redesigned to frame your view of nature as one piece of artwork. Since this Onsen is rich in carbonation, the soothing waters heal your skin and refresh your body.
※ UNERI & URUMI are two separate public spas that rotate for men and women depending on the time of day.

big bath
big bath
URUMI bath morning
URUMI bath day
URUMI bath night
Private bath Milky Way Bath
Private bath Milky Way Bath night
Private bathroom

Private bath healing

The private bath “Healing” opened in April of 2015. Here you can refresh your mind and body. Look up at the night sky, and reflect upon the mystery of the Milky Way if you are lucky .... This private bath has been specially designed to open your senses to the natural world around you. As you walk through the bath, you drop lower and lower, as if you are falling into the ocean. Every amenity in this private space is carefully selected to help you feel relaxed.

Charge: 3,240 yen (60 minutes)
Available time: By appointment only. Please select from the following times.
2:30pm; 4:00pm; 5:30pm; 9:00pm; 10:30pm; or 6:00am.

Spring Qualities and Effects

Name of the hot spring Ryunosu Onsen
Spring qualities Alkalic simple hot spring (hypotonic, alkaline, low temperature hotspring)
Place of origin 473-1 Nakanoyama, Ijika-cho, Toba-shi, Mie
Places of water supply male and female public bathrooms, each guest room
Suitability of bathing use Nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, paralysis, stiffness of joints, bruise, sprain, chronic digestive disorder, hemorrhoids, sensitivity to cold, post-illness recovery period, physically weak children, chronic feminine disease
Suitability of oral intake Chronic digestive disorder, chronic constipation
Contraindication for bathing Acute illnesses (particularly those with a fever), active tuberculosis, malignant tumors, serious heart diseases, respiratory depression, kidney diseases, hemorrhagic diseases, serious anemia, other progressing diseases, pregnancy (particularly the early final stages)
Contraindication for oral inhaling Kidney diseases, high blood pressure, other diseases accompanying dropsy swelling. For patients with hypothyreoidism, hot spring containing iodine is a contraindication.
*Heating and circulation are applied for maintenance of the water temperature in the tub and for efficient use of the resources.

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