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Questions about rooms
Q. Can I see the sunrise and sunset from the room?
A. Because the rooms face east and south, guests cannot see the sunset from their rooms. Guests can see the sunrise from the observatory deck and from some of the guest rooms. (Note that the sunrise location will also change depending on the time of the year).
Q. Can I see the ocean from the room?
A. All rooms have a view of the ocean, but the quality of that view depends on the room.
Q. What amenities does the room have?
A. Face towel, bath towel, yukata, bath socks, pajamas, bathrobe, tooth brush set, hair dryer, hairbrush, men's cosmetics, shaving kit, women’s cosmetics, Q-tips, cotton, refrigerator, safe, electric kettle and coffee maker, green tea, black tea, coffee, mineral water, air-conditioning, television, humidifier, CD player, DVD player, Japanese style toilet with bidet.
Questions about the meal
Q. What is the dress code for the restaurant?
A. Guests are encouraged to wear their yukatas to dinner so that they can be in comfortable garb.
Q. What if I have a food allergy?
A. Please alert us in advance of any food allergies or special diets that you may have. Also, please describe in detail the foods and ingredients you wish to avoid. We will try our best to respect your dietary restrictions.
Q. Can I special order any dishes off the menu?
A. Guests are allowed to make special requests, but note that any food’s availability depends on whether or not it is in season and/or it is available through our vendors. Please make a request in advance.
Q. Can we bring our own alcohol to dinner?
A. Guests are able to bring their own wine, champagne, spirits, beer, etc. to dinner if they pay a 3,000 yen (including tax) corkage fee per bottle.
Q. Are there any private rooms for dinning?
A. We do have some semi-private dinning rooms in the restaurant, but they are limited. If you are staying in the Premium Suite, then you can dine in your own dinning room, which is attached to your room. We recommend this Suite if privacy is of the upmost importance to you.
[Dinner] Restaurant (1 small separate Japanese style dinning room, 6 semi-private rooms), Guest rooms (4 premium suites)
[Breakfast] Restaurant (1 small separate Japanese style dinning room, 6 semi-private rooms)
Questions about hot spring baths
Q. Can pregnant women use the hot bath?
A. The hot springs naturally contain sodium-calcium chloride, but it is not strong enough to worry about. Our signs recommend that pregnant women, especially in the beginning and end of their pregnancies, avoid the hot springs, just to be safe. However, if pregnant women only stay in the hot springs for a short amount of time, there should be no issue with their enjoying the hot bath. To be certain, we recommend that you consult with your OBGYN.
Other questions
Q. Where is the nearest train station, and how far is it from Oyado The Earth?
A. The nearest station is the Kintetsu · JR Toba Station. It takes about 30 minutes by car to reach the train station. The taxi fare is around 5,000 yen.
Q. By what time should guests check-in?
A. Check-in begins at 2:00pm. Because of the scheduled course meal, we ask that guests will check-in before 6:00pm.
Q. Where is the nearest convenience store?
A. The nearest convenience store is a Family Mart near the Toba Arashima district. It takes about 20 minutes by car from the hotel.
Q. Can you come to take a bath at the spa and eat dinner, but not stay overnight?
A. All facilities are for overnight guests only.
Q. Is the hotel non-smoking?
A. Room decks, the lounge deck, and the lounge bar (9:00pm – midnight only) have designated smoking areas. Otherwise, the rest of the hotel is non-smoking.
Q. Are children allowed at Oyado The Earth?
A. Unfortunately, children younger than junior high school are not allowed to stay at Oyado The Earth. If parents wish to bring their children to one of our ryokans, we recommend making a reservation at our sister hotel, "Sun Urashima-Yuki no Sato."
Q. Is the hotel barrier-free?
A. Most public spaces and some guest rooms are barrier-free. In barrier-free suites, guests can enter the dressing room, shower, and open-air bath in a wheelchair.
Q. Does the hotel have internet?
A. Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) is available throughout the hotel. There is also one computer for public use in the lounge.
Q. Can guests walk around the hotel?
A. Because all rooms have open-air baths, guests are not allowed to leave their decks and walk around the perimeter of the hotel. However, guests can walk along the promenade towards the beach. A round-trip walk from the hotel to the beach takes about 20 minutes. The hotel can provide sandals. Please request these if needed.
Q. How is the cell phone signal at Oyado The Earth?
A. Because of our remote location, SoftBank will have little access to cell phone towers. Docomo and Au users may have better access.
Q. Can I pay with a credit card?
A. Guests are able to pay with VISA, JCB, MASTER CARD, AMEX, and Diners.
Q. Can I pay in advance by credit card?
A. There is no pre-payment function when booking your stay. If you do wish to pay in advance, we ask that you transfer the appropriate funds to our hotel bank account in advance. Please contact us to arrange this.

Phone Reservations and Inquiries
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