Sun Urashima Co., Ltd. (Yuki no Sato Japanese Ryokan The Earth) (“our company”) will abide by the Act concerning Protection of Personal Information and other rules and regulations. Personal information, which our company will collect, refers to individuals’ names, dates of birth, addresses and other information from which a specific person will be identifiable.

1. Observance of personal information protection We will stipulate rules and regulations regarding acquisition, use, and provision of personal information, and proper handling thereof, to members of the board and all employees of our company , who will all abide by these rules and regulations.

2. Acquisition of personal information Our company will collect personal information in a legal and fair manner, and will only provide or make use of it within the range of our customers’ consent.

3. Assurance of accuracy and safety of personal information Our company will set up an organization to protect personal information, take safety management measures, and will work to prevent leaks, losses and modifications.

4. Disclosure and provision of personal information to a third party Depending on the requested services, guests’ personal information that they input on the specific page of our company’s website in order to make a reservation for accommodation or to request reference material when making an application for our company’s services, may be disclosed/provided to a third party who will need the personal information to provide their services. We may not be able to provide services without guests’ first providing their information.

5. We will abide by Japan’s laws, rules, and other regulations related to personal information protection.

6. We will evaluate and review our personal information protection protocols, including this policy and related rules, regularly and continuously, and will work to improve them.

Contact Information pertaining to Protection of Personal Information Policies
1215-5 Uramura-cho, Toba-shi, Mie 512-0025, Japan
TEL: +81-599-32-6111
Person responsible for the Protection of Personal Information: Noriko Yoshikawa


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