Facial & Body Spa


Facial & Body Spa

Mio, our Facial and Body Spa, was remodeled in April of 2015. Our concept is “pure beauty,” which includes not only the outside of your body, but the inside too. We only use doctor–recommended cosmetics, which contains excel chitosan and excel glucosamine—patented ingredients that will soothe your skin. The session begins with the massage therapist talking to you about your health history, and moves into a gentle hand massage that, like the waves of the ocean, will lead you to a place of calm and pleasure.


Spa Information

  • ■ Business hours: 3:00pm to 11:00pm (Last appointment is 10:00pm).
  • ■ To reserve, please tell us the date and time and menu selection by phone in advance. We also offer couples’ massages (2 people maximum).
  • ■ If clients are late to their appointment, the massage may be shorter to respect other guests’ appointments.
  • ■ To cancel, please contact us at least one day in advance. Guests might be charged a 50% fee for day-of cancellations.
  • ■ Please let the spa staff know of any allergies or health concerns, including pregnancy and illnesses, when you reserve your massage.
  • ■ Male guests can select any massage services on the menu as well.


Trial Body & Foot
- Back&front body, décolleté, and head 45mins 9,800 yen
Relaxing your whole body and using oil to massage from upper legs to feet to relieving and swelling tiredness.
Trial Body(Back)
- Back oil treatment, décolleté, and head 45mins 9,800 yen
Concentrate on back, shoulder, and waist oil massage.
Trial Facial
- Cleansing, deep cleansing, treatment, décolleté, and head 45mins 10,800 yen
Ideal for first timer to try facial treatment, leads skin to radiance and improve its tone.


Aroma Relax Body
- Back body, décolleté, head 60mins 15,800 yen
- Back & front body, décolleté, head 90mins 19,800 yen
Slow and deep hand stroke treatment ease your mind and body by choosing your favorite aroma oil. Recommend for all who want to calm and relax.
- Back & front body, stretch, décolleté, head 70mins 17,800 yen
- Back body, stretch, décolleté, head 100mins 25,800 yen
By using mixture of mineral and botanical oil gel releases tension and eliminate stress.Stretching the body leads lymph system and effects skin moisture.
Detox Slim
- Back & front body, heated blanket, head. 120mins 29,800 yen
- Back & front body, heated blanket, facial care, shower, whole body lotion treatment. 150mins 36,800 yen
-Back & front body, heated blanket, facial care, shower, whole body lotion treatment. 180mins 43,800 yen
Technique of strong strokes by using mixture of mineral and botanical oil gel releases tension and eliminate stress which highly recommended for who would like to detoxify body and rejuvenation, a gel masque gently over the body before envelopment in a heated blanket. Choose from 100% natural oil get by skin type.

menu title

Aroma Relax Facial
- Cleansing, deep cleansing, massage, facial mask, décolleté, hands, head 60mins 16,800 yen
- Back oil massage, cleansing, deep cleansing, massage, facial mask, décolleté, hands, head 90mins 23,800 yen
All hands treatment brings you to a deep state of relaxation and serenity.*For smooth procedure, recommend you to remove own eye make-up prior to the appointment.


Relax Body & Facial
- Body 60mins + Facial 30mins 90mins 21,800 yen
To radiance skin tone and relaxation, ideal before goes to bed.
Revitalize Body & Facial
- Body 80mins + Facial 20mins 100mins 25,800 yen
Release stress and revitalize and leads deep relaxation.
Beautify facial & Body
- Beautifying Facial 60mins + Body 60mins 120mins 29,800 yen
Feel beautify your skin tone and whole body care course.
The Earth Relaxation Special
- Facial 60mins + Body 100mins 160mins 38,800 yen
Luxury and extravagant course for total body and facial care treatment, leads balance of body and mind indulge luxury.


  20mins 5,000 yen
  30mins 7,000 yen
  40mins 9,000 yen
Treatment by two therapists with four hands in unison promotes a harmonious state of relaxation.
*Above able to add-on on regular treatment course *The treatment will be done by male therapist

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