Japanese Cuisine and Wine Marriage


Kouichi Matsuda


Here it specifically refers to the marriage between “a man called wine” and “a woman called cuisine.” Wouldn’t the happiness in marriage be in supporting each other and complementing one another? Combination of wine and cuisine enriches meals and makes the dining scene more meaningful. Generally speaking, wine is often served with French or other European dishes. However, the types of wines that go along well with Japanese dishes are better than any other beverage. Here at The Earth, we look forward to your visit with our carefully selected wines that pair well with the dishes prepared by the Japanese cuisine master Chef Yamakawa.


J.S.A No.1863 Senior sommelier
HBA Senior bartende
Senior sommelier: Nobuyuki Higashiura

Cuisine and Wine Marriage

Our dining concept is to pair exquisite Japanese Kaiseki with carefully selected wine. This embodies the French notion of marriage. As a sommelier, I have spent much of my career complimenting local foods from France with their neighborly wines. Ingredients from mountains also need wine from the mountains. Likewise, seafood meals need certain wines from the coast. Traditionally, whenever the French served an exquisite meal to the royal families, the meal would not be complete without the best of wines—the Bordeaux. Here at Oyado The Earth, we respect the culture of French wine by “completing” the meal with perfectly matched wines from France and the world. While it is not easy to pair wine with Kaiseki cuisine, I will use my knowledge and experience to create a culinary experience that you will never forget.

Cuisine and Wine Marriage

Liquor—it is a word that not only means distilled spirits, but also Aquavitae, which combines Aqua (water) with Vitae (life), or "life of water.” During almost my entire career in French cuisine, I have never served saké, the quintessential Japanese spirit. In Japan there are four seasons, and in each season you can enjoy different ingredients. I now believe that, like wine, saké can compliment and reveal the subtle flavors of seasonal ingredients. In addition to our great saké, we offer cocktails after the meal that can add color and spice to your evening. This is our proposal from Oyado The Earth.


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