Our concept for dinner is to "attract the people of the world.” We combine local ingredients from Ise Shima with ingredients from all over the world to create Kaiseki, or a traditional Japanese course meal. For breakfast, our culinary theme is to "awaken the body.” Chef-Motoji Yamakawa, with his full Japanese spirit of hospitality, will prepare your meals with the upmost attention to detail and care.


“Ran,” meaning “storm,” is our on-site restaurant and boasts panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Ise-Shima National Park. As in much of our hotel, guests here will be hard pressed to determine where the building ends and where “nature” begins. Eat dinner as you feel the calmness of the ocean. Welcome breakfast as you watch the ocean shimmer in the morning light.

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This is an example of our Kaiseki dinner. The menu will vary depending on the seasons and the availability of ingredients.


General master chef: Motoji Yamakawa


“Wa,” the word for Japanese spirit, means ease, relaxation, and tranquility. We see Wa in all of nature—the lotus flower in spring; cool water in the summer; camp fires in the fall; and frost in the winter. In our busy lives, we tend to forget these, but we cherish them here at our Ryokan. Chef Yamakawa channels this Japanese spirit through his food to ease your mind and body.


If "food" is the origin of human beings, then cooking is when we return to our roots. Japanese cuisine has a long history of “wabi sabi,” which values simplicity, elegance, and serenity. We believe that the foundation of Japanese cuisine is to create harmony among the world—nature and people.


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